Funny, They Don't Look Jewish!
2019 02 26 1

“Where Judaism appears in the panels.”
Our purpose is to find characters, stories and issues of comics that explore explicitly Jewish content. This includes, stories that contain quotes from Jewish texts/liturgy, characters that embrace openly their heritage. Characters using Hebrew, praying in a synagogue, celebrating Jewish holidays, and living a Jewish experience.

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    Episode 12 - Sabra - Part 1

    In this episode Brandon and Henry travel to Israel (via Zoom) to meet the Israeli and Jewish, SABRA!

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    Episode 11 - MOON KNIGHT - Part 3

    We conclude our deep dive of MOON KNIGHT! We discuss the very dark but fascinating story in Moon Knight #194 written by pop-punk singer and comic book writer, Max Bemis

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    Episode 10 - MOON KNIGHT - Part 2

    Our tenth episode! A full set of Kabbalistic Sefirot! This is Part 2 of our exploration of Moon Knight. We look at Moon Knight #38, part 2 of the story of the villain Zohar!

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    Episode 8 - Ragman - Part 2 (with TRIGGER WARNING)

    TRIGGER WARNING - Please note, in this episode we discuss the Tree of Life shooting in Pittsburgh, PA along with a couple other instances of hate crimes perpetrated towards Jews.

    In this episode we complete our exploration of the VERY Jewish RAGMAN!

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    BONUS EPISODE - Ragman on CW's Arrow

    In this BONUS episode Brandon and Henry look at the CW's Arrow, season 5. In it, Rory Regan/Ragman was a reoccurring character who made several Jewish references in several episodes.

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    Episode 7 - RAGMAN - Part 1

    In this episode, Henry and Brandon discuss the obscure but VERY Jewish super hero RAGMAN!

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    Episode 6 - KITTY PRYDE - Part 2

    Previously on Funny, They Don’t Look Jewish Your hosts, Brandon and Henry, explored the Jewish roots of Chicago’s own mutant superheroine, Kitty Pryde of the X-Men. Under the pen of creator and writer Chris Claremont, Kitty Pryde confronted demons, vampires, and the shadow of the Holocaust, with her Jewish identity always prominent. Now, we look at where later writers guided both the evolution of Marvel’s Merry Mutants and Kitty Pryde’s own Judaism. Excelsior! This episode we review: 1. Marvel Holiday Special 1996 2. X-Men Unlimited #38 (November 2002) “Yartzeit” 3. All New X-Men #13 (2013)

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    Episode 4 - BATWOMAN - Part 2

    BATWOMAN Part 2 - In this episode Brandon and Henry look through Detective Comics #860 and #975 and a special surprise from the Multiverse!

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